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Multi-stage centrifugal blowers and exhausters

Robust and reliable

The extremely simple design of our machines guarantees maximum safety, which is absolutely necessary in all fields of industry in which production depends on the distribution of clean and dry air at a constant pressure.

Strong design

Cast aluminium parts, precision machining to fine tolerances, absence of mechanical and wearing parts in contact enable our machines to operate in extremely safe conditions, practically without vibration, and with a very low sound level meeting European and American standards.

Wide array of applications

Continental Industrie offers high efficiency blowers from 100 to 70.000 m³/h of a dry, clean, non-pulsating air to pressures attaining 1,2 bar g and vacuums down to to -0,6 bar g, for a wide array of applications like e.g. waste water treatment aeration, pneumatic conveying, air knives, combustion processes, textile and carpet dewatering, central vacuum cleaning, biogas and many, many more. Contact us for more information.

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Performance curves

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Multi-stage blowers and exhausters

Multi-stage centrifugal blower

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Biogas blowers

Biogas blower

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Service and support

Find out how we can support you with the maintenance of your Continental Industrie blowers and exhausters.