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Biogas blowers - multi-stage

Landfill and digesters

Extraction of biogas, wastegas or landfill-gas belong to the main applications of Continental blowers. Our multi-stage blowers are used for the  removal of biogas from the extraction zone of the biogas to the combustion system (Burner, thermal motor, etc.).

The Continental Industrie centrifugal blowers are also used for the landfill vacuum gas extraction of volatile organic compounds (VOC´s) through pumping wells.

Wide flow and pressure range

The durability of the centrifugal blowers, their specific "biogas type" sealing system and their performance characteristics are all well suited to these applications which require operation over a wide volumetric flow range.

ATEX certification

Group 2 material: category 2 G according to the Atex 94/9/CE directive, usable in zone 1 or zone 2.

Group 2 material: category 3 G according to the Atex 94/9/CE directive, usable in zone 2.

More gases

Inert: Helium (He) / Argon (Ar) / Carbon dioxide (CO2) / Nitrogen (N2) / Carbon dioxide / Nitrogen mixture.

Toxic: Ammonia (NH3) / Hydrochloric acid (HCl) / Carbon dioxide (CO2) / Acid gases / Chlorine (dry).

Corrosive: Hydrochloric acid  (HCl) / Acid gases /Nitrogen & Alcohol / Vapors / Flue gas/ Cokes furnace / Biogas.

Flammable: Propane (C3H8) / Natural gas / Alcohol vapor / Toluene (C6H5CH3) / Tylene (C2H4) / Several hydrocarbons / Oxygen (O2) - Methane (CH4) / Mono chloorbenzene / Sewage gases or waste gases - Biogas.

GB100 single stage gas boosters


Continental Industrie offers ATEX blowers for EX-zones 1 and 2  for the landfill and biogas, flares and gas motors, according to the safety requirements for equipment in hazardous areas ask for special blowers.


Single stage gas booster, V-belt driven GB100VB, 1,5 to 18,5 kW for gas volume up to 3.000 Nm³ /h and 180 mbar differential pressure.

Direct driven gas booster GB100DD with 1,5 or 2,2 kW electric motor for gas volume to 1.500 Nm³/h and 70 mbar differential pressure.

Acid resistant coating

For handling of corrosive gases a special acid resistant coating can be applied to the inner blower housing and impeller.



Inlet connection : 4” (100 mm) flange, DN100, PN10

Outlet connection : 4" (100 mm) flane, DN 100, PN10

Operating speed : 2950 rpm to 5750 rpm

Lubrication : Automatic grease lubricator

Impeller diameter : 20" (500 mm)

Download the GB 100 brochures:

GB100 VB Performance curve - pressure

GB100 DD Performance curve - pressure

Gas handling

Safety first

The handling of compressed gases must be considered more hazardous than the handling of liquids and solids. The procedures adopted for the safe handling of compressed gases are centred on containment of the material, to prevent its escape to the atmosphere, and proper control of pressure and flow.


Our machines can run continuously, even under extreme conditions, and are capable of handling a variety of gases without risk of contamination, operating efficently and reliably without leaks.


The main advantages of Continental Industrie centrifugal blowers and exhausters are the simple and robust design, both of great importance for gas handling applications.

Continental Industrie machines comply to the ATEX directive.

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