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Continental Industrie centrifugal blowers and exhausters

Multi-stage centrifugal blowers and exhausters are rotating machines used to increase the pressure of a gas, ambient air or gas mixture, by means of the centrifugal force transmitted by an electric motor.

Performance and life time

The performances are linked to the following characteristics: flow, differential pressure and power consumption. One of the main advantage is the lack of internal friction between the rotor and the body, as the shaft has only two contact points; the bearings. For this reason the expected lifetime of the machine can reach 40 years. The performances of the machine can be affected by external factors as, for instance, the deposit accumulation in the filter intake.

This problem can be avoided by following the correct maintenance instruction. Also the performance varies in accordance to the variation of the molecular weight of the gas treated, due for example to the temperature variation or the pressure at the machine intake.


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  • Reliable;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Low vibrations and low noise;
  • Low and easy maintenance;
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Waste water treatment


Air supply to one or several tanks in order to bring oxygen to bacteria which degrade the organic matter. To inject this air, the blower must overcome the resistance, or backpressure, due to the water height and diffuser/piping losses.

Optimized air volume, constant pressure

As the effluent quantity to be treated changes over the course of time, it is desirable to inject only the amount of oxygen necessary and in sufficient quantities to optimise the oxygen needs of the bacteria, thus making it imperative to have the ability to vary the flow while maintaining constant pressure.

Low maintenance

The main features of the centrifugal multi-stage blowers manufactured by Continental Industrie are simple design and mechanical reliability, both highly important for this application.


Case - waste water treatment

Aeration of waste water treatment tanks with 3 Continental Industrie multi-stage centrifugal blowers, type 151-06.

Flow per unit: 9.000 m³/h;
Pressure: 680 mbar;
Installed power: 250 kW;
Customer: Degremont.

Case - coffee capsules recycling

Increase of pressure of natural gas for a gas-fired tumble dryer of coffee-sludge from recycling of coffee capsules. Continental Industrie gas blower, type 008-04.

Flow: 100 Nm³/h;
Differential pressure: 177 mbar;
Installed power: 2,2 kW;
Customer: Dusseldorp Recycling.