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Mix S.r.l. mixers

In-house product development and manufacturing

The basis of MIX Srl is the development and production of machines for mixing processes. Since 1990, in Cavezzo (Modena) a wide range of mixers are manufactured according to the European Directive 2006/42/EC, with a capacity of 2.6 to a maximum of 26,000 litres.

Mixer types

• continuous and batch mixers for powders, granules , fibers and pasta ;

• granulators for converting powders into granules ;

• reactors and dryers ;

• stirred bunkers ;

• laboratory mixers ;

• accessories.

Many options

The mixers can be equipped with different rotors: plough shares, paddles, ribbon, and in different types of materials, i.e. carbon steel , wear-resistant steel , stainless steel AISI304, AISI316 and AISI316Ti.
Also there are designs available for special applications where chemical or physical reactions occur, or under vacuum or high-pressure conditions , with or without the aid of an external heating or cooling jacket .

Mix test centre

In the Mix test centre in Cavezzo we have the ability to perform pratical tests with your own products, to determine the optimal configuration of your mixing system.

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Continuous mixers

Horizontal mixer wall with round design, with vertical cylindrical discharge door. Capacity: 27 - 6.500 litres.

Single-shaft rotor.

Mechanical, centrifugal fluidization of the products.

MXA MIXER Continuous mixing process with ploughshares.

MXB MIXER Continuous granulating process with ploughshares.

MXH MIXER Continuous mixing process with Mix Paddles.

It is necessary to feed the mixer with a gravimetric filling system.

Continuous paddle mixer

Batch and laboratory mixers

Horizontal mixer wall with round design, with vertical cylindrical discharge door, or discharge door as long as the mixer wall with the availability of a bomb door in order to ease the downflow of the product. Capacity: 9 - 9.000 litres

Single-shaft rotor.

Mechanical, centrifugal fluidization of the products.

MXC MIXER Batch mixing process with ploughshares.

MXD MIXER Batch granulating process with ploughshares.

MXK MIXER Batch mixing process with Mix Paddles.

Batch mixer

Laboratory mixer

Ribbon shaft mixers

Batch process mixer. Capacity: 80 - 11.550 litres.

Horizontal trough, with vertical cylindrical discharge door.

Options: Discharge door as long as the mixer wall with the availability of a bomb door in order to ease the downflow of the product.

Single ribbon shaft with special tools design to get the mechanical fluidization of the different products.

Mechanical, centrifugal fluidization of the products.

MXN MIXER Batch mixing process with four-screws ribbon.

Ribbon shaft mixer

Ribbon shaft mixer with discharge cabinet

Mixer accessories

Choppers. When not only a mixing but also a homogenizing process is required especially when lumps or fibres, or pastes are present, a series of choppers are installed in the mixing chamber.

Spray nozzles. Injection of fluids directly into the mixing chamber, resulting in homogeneous absorption and dispersion of the fluids into the product for mixing, moistening orgranulating reaction.

Special finishes and surface treatment. A wide variety of surface finishes are available, ranging from shot blasting with micro glass balls to polishing to a grade of RA 0.3 micron, from an anti-wear resistant treatment to a Teflon-coating. Each treatment is specifically chosen according to the application of the machine itself.

Rotation detector. The detector is fitted to the mixer and shows when the rotor is rotating. If connected to an appropriate signal convertor it can be used to report the rotation speed, assisting in constant control of the mixing process.

Pneumatic control. MIX machines are usually supplied with discharge doors that are controlled by electric-pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic flow systems, and rotors and choppers that have pneumatic connections. The pneumatic control panel is designed to interact between these air systems and the electronic control panel.

Filters. Mixers should be supplied with a vent filter which can be either mounted directly to the mixer or retro mounted in close proximity. MIX S.r.l also manufactures a full range of filter units suitable for differing processes and applications.

Mixer accessories

Manual discharge systems. Bag emptying hoods are suitable for the manual discharge of powders and/or granular materials from bags into process machinery. The hood, while intercepting and canalising dusts, can be used in conjunction with our bag emptying system in case there is no direct fixing of a filter on the hood itself. The pre-separating hopper is conically-shaped and is designed for direct mounting of the bag-emptying system to a butterfly valve or directly to the process machinery.

Frames and panels. Machines are designed with solid body structures and fitted with the latest accident prevention systems.

Pneumatic sampling systems. During mixing small quantities of the product can be taken from within the mixer chamber for analysis. These manually operated sampling systems are available in different materials of construction according to the product in which they will come into contact with.

Temperature probes. For continuous monitoring of the product temperature within the mixing chamber. Or for monitoring temperature of the heating/cooling fluids in case of use of heat exchangers.

Rotor grounding. Elimination of potentially dangerous electro-static discharges. Even during operation.

Control panel. Each machine can be supplied with electrical components suitable for low voltage supply and connection into a suitable termination box for quick and easy installation. The control panel is designed to control all the operations of the mixer unit including drives, timers, ammeters and gauges. Generally used for low power mixers (for example laboratory mixers).