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Silo management system

System integration

The purpose of the XILOMIX® Silo Control is to control and integrate all the functions of one or more silos/closed containers in general while they are being loaded with bulk materials (powder, grain, etc.,) by a pneumatic conveyor. In great detail, the purposes of the system can be summed up as follows:
a) To monitor the pressure inside the silo during product loading to avoid overpressure or underpressure in the silo.
b) To have just one unit control the loading process of several silos meaning we can have a centralised control of the system and the certainty:

- that the truck is connected to the silo, verifying the number of the silo, that has been chosen, and the loading authorization;

- of the condition of the maximum and minimum level gauges,

- that the compressed air pressure is sufficient for cleaning the filter and for feeding the pinch valve,

- of the pressure inside the silo,

- of the loading and simultaneous process status control of 32 silos that can be managed,

- that there is just one power supply for one silo which means a reduction of risks (alarms always need a specific power supply),

- that all the filters will be cleaned automatically at the end of the process.

Silo management partsLevel gauges

Over / underpressure valves

Protection of silos against excessive under of overpressure.

SSM100 pre-zinc plated carbon steel overpressure valve from 200 to 700 mm H2O, incl. fixing base spigot.

Working temperature: -10 °C +80 °C.

SSM250 Over/underpressure valve. Parts in contact with the product in galvanised mild steel with cover in aluminium or fully in stainless steel AISI 304.

Over/underpressure valve

Working under pressure range of 50 to 300 mm H2O.

Working over pressure range of 250 to 500 mm H2O.

Option: 2 inductive limit switches.

Working temperature: -10 °C +80 °C.

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Level gauges

Paddle level gauges in die cast aluminum casing with 1 or 3 rotating paddles in PVC or stainless steel.

Connection: G2½" high temperature - G2½" protected shaft - G2½" non-protected shaft - G1½" protected shaft.

Power supply: 24, 48 VAC - 115, 230 VAC - 24 DC; power consumption: 4 Watt.

Level gauges

Silo wall mounting: sleeve - flange.

Working temperature: -10 °C +80 °C.

Also availabe in ATEX version and with extension up to 1.500 mm.

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The XILOMIX® Silo Control system provides:

  • Ease of use;

  • Flexibility;

  • Safety;

  • Reliabilty and reduced maintenance;

  • Installation in already existing plants.


SSE is a synoptic control panel, compact and reliable for storage plants. It is available in two versions:

- SSE32A for handling a single silo (which can be extended to 32 silos by installing 31 SSR01A),

- SSE32B for handling from 1 to 32 silos (installing 1 to 32 SSR01A).

The strong points of the devices described are their simplicity of installation and use.


Components for enhancing the material flow in silos.

SAA, SAB. Aeration pad suitable for tanks and silos used in different industries, in particular in heavy situations or with high temperature. Body in stainless steel AISI 304.

SAD, SAE. Aeration tridimentional disc suitable for tanks and silos used in different industries, in particular where a very good cleaning is necessary.


SUF. Aeration nozzles suitable for small tanks or pipes, easy to mount even on existing equipment.

SAK. Equipment suitable for the regulation, treatment, control of the aerated fluid and used for the connection of the different aerated elements.

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Manholes for inspection of or access to silos.

Sizes: DN 540 mm and DN 790 mm.

Material: carbon steel RAL 1013 - stainless steel AISI 304 (complete with clips, bolts and nuts in mild steel) - stainless steel AISI 304 (complete with clips, bolts and nuts in stainless steel AISI 304)


Manhole can be also supplied in the version with the prearrangement for a pressure relief valve type SSM250.