Design, engineering and supply of airtechnical systems and components for the industry

Powder processing

Technological development

The domain of powder technology is developing at an increasingly faster pace. Powders for various uses, particularly in the engineering industry are becoming finer and lighter. However, the steps that powders undergo during processing before they are used for the manufacturing of products such as computers, cell phones, food, medicine and building materials are still the same; grinding, mixing, drying, moistening, dispensing, pneumatic transport, storage, screening, separating, weighing and packing. Classifying and screening of very fine and light powders with traditional processes is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Unique technology

Airtechnic Solutions has developed a revolutionary screening technology that makes use of air for screening and classifying also extremely fine powders.

Mixers and components for powder and bulk solids handling

Mix mixers and plant components

Air sieve systems

High accuracy screening systems for fine powders.

Powder screen

powder processing

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Pneumatic conveying systems

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems

Pneumatic conveying.

Pneumatic conveying system

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