Design, engineering and supply of airtechnical systems and components for the industry

Process air treatment

In all sectors of industry, air is used in production processes. This may involve cooling, heating, drying, humidifying, cleaning, or a combination thereof. Based on the specific characteristics of the process and your requirements, we design and build complete, customer-specific process air treatment systems, including air supply and process control, to condition process air such that it can be used for your process.

Dust extraction

Removal of dust, gases and vapours requires specialist knowledge to be able to design the proper purification system. Based on your specific needs, we create a tailor-made solution for cleaning your process air. To do this we can choose from a wide range of possible solutions, arising from our extensive experience in this field.


In addition, we take into account more than just the problem, because issues such as energy consumption, safety, explosion and fire protection, labour conditions and ease of use are of interest to you.

Explosion and fire protection

A special focus area is explosion and fire protection. Through our years of experience in the field of air and dust removal, we are able to provide the right solution.

Engineering, procurement, contracting

We‘ll take care of your problem from start to finish; from consultancy and design to completion of the system.

Dual cyclone Feniks HVC


Dust extraction shredder

Dual cyclone ashes

Dual-cyclone exhaust system on the shredder of the bottom ash processing plant at Feniks Recycling in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

Flow: 25.000 Am³/h.

Dust extraction reactor gas

Syngas cyclone

Dust extraction from reactor gas emitted during the torrefaction process of feedstock materials at TorrCoal in Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium.

Flow: 2.000 Nm³/h
Temperature: 350 °C.