Design, engineering and supply of airtechnical systems and components for the industry

Central vacuum cleaning

Powerful system

For a clean work environment and a dust-free production process, a robust and reliable system is needed to remove dust. An Airtechnic central vacuum cleaning system is the right solution. An evenly strong suction power at each suction point is ensured by a powerful exhauster. The dust is separated by means of a vacuum filter and/or a (multi)-cyclone.

central vacuum cleaning system

  • High dust separation efficiency;
  •  All types of dust, even low density products, with high humidity, or sticky substances;
  • Energy saving by automatic process control system;
  • Safe and reliable;
  • - Low maintenance.

Continental Industrie exhauster

Air knives

Applications and designs

For drying and cleaning of surfaces or the air technological separation of rooms, air knives are a proven technology. Air knives are for example used to control coating thickness in galvanizing steel, drying plastic boxes and drying of fruit. We have designed and constructed air knives in all shapes and sizes: stationary and rotating, with a length of several centimeters to several metres and a gap width of 0.2 mm.

Luchtmes glasplaat

Customized system

Because no process is the same, we will always design an air knife based on your specific process needs. Thus we are able to design an air knife for your specific process.

Total solutions

Obviously, an air knife is just one component in a larger system. We can offer a complete package for your air treatment, including blowers, filtration, piping, cooling, heating and associated process control.

Controlled contamination environments


When dust or gases are released during the handling of products or goods you are employees and the environment need to be well protected, without loosing productivity and quality.

Dedicated design

For those situations we design work spaces taking into account all factors like safety, ergonomics, product quality, productivity.